Much More than Products

Not just offering product supply services, at Haléco we see our role as a real partnership for our customers.

We take all your business issues into account so that we can offer you an all-inclusive, customized solution tailored to meeting your real needs.

Our customized technical support enables us to provide you with genuine added value.

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All-inclusive, Customized Service

Our Technical Consulting Office accompanies you from the design of your project through to its delivery.

Because your needs are highly business-specific, we offer 3-step, customized support in implementing technical solutions for industrial risk management and environmental footprint reduction.



1/ Project Study

Support from our engineers and their wide range of skill sets in safety and the environment:

  • Compliance with regulations applicable to your business activity.
  • Identification and analysis of your industrial risks.
  • On-site diagnosis carried out by our field experts: compliance audit.

design and technical consulting office

2/ Recommendations
& Solutions

As part of an all-in, tailored prevention plan, our Design and Technical Consulting Office recommends the best-adapted products and solutions.

  • Highly efficient technical products that meet your needs.
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  • Technical support: decision-making support, advice on product implementation, use and compatibility, etc.
  • On-site diagnosis carried out by our field experts: compliance audit.
  • Customized product design: HALECO LAB


3/ Project Delivery
& Follow-through

Our Design and Technical Consulting Office accompanies you in deploying your project and provides all the related services:

  • Assembly and installation of our products via our authorized partner-distributor network.
  • Training on the best use of our products, either on-site or at our branches, organized by our authorized training center.
  • Performance audits.
  • Maintenance of anti-pollution safety devices and safety equipment.
  • Recovery, treatment and disposal of your industrial waste, etc.