50 Years of Dedication, at Your Service


Our Vision: To continue building on our company’s family roots, and driving towards the future; we take pride in our history & our firmly grounded present, focusing resolutely on tomorrow.

Pierre, Nelly and Serge Haladjian


Our Group's Mission


To enrich Customer Experience through our offers and our services by providing you with optimal solutions for your business issues and by fulfilling our promises of quality, services and best possible costs.


Our Values


  • Our Passion for our jobs, our business, has
    bonded us together for over 50 years.
  • Our Commitment:
    To our employees, you are the Group’s living wealth.
    To our customers, you are our reason for existing, our raison d’être.
    To the environment, proven by our eco-responsible approach.
  • Pursuing High-Performance is the key
    to our successful strategy.
  • Innovation, an intrinsic feature of our Group, is
    at the core of our performance and our development.
  • Human Relationships in our Group are based
    on mutual respect, trust, honesty and team spirit.


Values that Forge Motivated Policies