The Haladjian Group: Solid Support

The Haladjian Group, a family business created by Pierre Haladjian Snr in 1962, constantly sets and meets new challenges as a leading independent multi-specialist, multi-market distributor proposing high added-value, all-inclusive technical solutions.

haladjian family

Pierre, Nelly and Serge Haladjian

The Haladjian Group boasts over 17,000 active customers and is made up of 2 individual businesses:

  • Haladjian is the alternative to brand dealers for the supply of spare parts and equipment for public works machinery: mechanical components, ground-engaging tools, crawler tracks, etc.
  • Haléco, created in 2000, is the Haladjian Group’s environmental subsidiary. We specialize in the distribution of environmental protection products for professionals.